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Welcome to the Lifestyle Music Group

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Welcome to the Lifestyle Music Group

The Lifestyle Music Group is Australia’s premier innovative Music/Media organisation offering specialised customised music design for any event or occasion from deep relaxation to contemporary music style. Our group of dedicated Music designers can create any sound to improve your business for advertising, branding and viral marketing or simply to enhance the quality of your life.

Our genres include, Australiana, Chillout, Spa, Sensuous Art, Traditional , Lounge, Ambient Jazz, Health and Wellbeing, Gift, Children’s , Celtic, Romance, Australian, New Zealand and United Kingdom Indigenous, Didgeridoo, Religious, Classical, Nature, Meditation, Educational,Chants and World.

The Lifestyle Music Group commercial division is distributed in Australia by Sony Music Australia for the traditional Music stores and through WW Souvenirs in the non traditional outlets such as gift shops, newsagents, souvenir and tourist shops, airports, garden centres, department stores, shopping malls and galleries, promoted and presented by our robot busker interactive vending kiosks and internationally distributed by Global Journey

Ancient Greek and Indian Philosophers defined music as tones ordered horizontally as melodies and vertically as harmonies, to many people in many cultures Music is an important part of their way of life and a universal language.

“ There is no noise only sound...we take an everyday sound and transform it like a caterpillar into a butterfly “